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P43 corridors: strong reaction of those affected in the district of bad kissingen

Florian atzmuller was served when he looked at the proposed corridors for the p43 alternating current line, also known as the fulda-main line, on wednesday morning. "My worst expectations have been exceeded", says the mayor of wartmannsroth.

The fact that a pipeline corridor runs more or less along the gas pipeline from rimpar to sannerz right through the middle of the municipal area did not surprise atzmuller. But the marked turn north of hammelburg baffled him. "This combination of the expected and the cross-swing – I find it shocking."

Actually, the proposals of the transmission system operator tennet for the route corridors are not really surprising. Not if you take the principle of bundling infrastructure as a basis.

For example, the westernmost corridor touching the district of bad kissingen is oriented to the intercity express route from wurzburg to fulda. The middle one branches off at zeitlofs, bridges the sinn, schondra and saale valleys along the gas pipeline, and rejoins the western corridor south of karsbach. The eastern corridor variant runs along the A7, entering the district at volkers and leaving it again southwest of the elfershausen municipal area.

The surprising "cross turn" mentioned by atzmuller in the direction of the east, according to the draft, it would take place between wartmannsroth and dittlofsroda, fly over hammelburg to the north and mouth the rhonautobahn in the eastern corridor.

Tennet spokesman markus lieberknecht and cindy schemmel, the mayor’s representative, argue that this "eastern crossing" is not a good idea only one alternative "in case one of the north-south strands fails due to a crossbar". Such resistance was only revealed in more detailed planning. This has not yet taken place.

Matthias hauke, mayor of zeitlofs in the northwestern district, is already preparing for "the same fight as against sudlink" a. The only difference is that no underground cabling is to be expected as a way out.

Like wartmannsroth, zeitlofs and parts of the town are affected by two corridors: the one on the ICE line and the branch on the gas pipeline in the direction of wartmannsroth. Hauke does not consider any of them to be the less bad alternative. Even a roadblock on the A7 can’t be a solution.

He expressed himself even more drastically than his colleague atzmuller: "if this is built, it will have a serious impact on the region. No one wants to have such masts in our beautiful corner. This is a deterrent." The head of zeitlofs also fears for the real estate market.Now we have to join forces in the bruckenau rhonallianz to fight against the starkstrom project.

The chairman of the committee, jochen vogel, mayor of bad bruckenau, is surprised that it has taken so long to rewrite old plans and put them online." He means that the corridors now presented are very similar to those of sudlink a few years ago. In particular, tennet had already "conjured up" the one on the A7 earlier.

In vogel’s municipality, the eastern corridor of the fulda-main line on the a7 primarily affected the hamlets of volkers and romershag as things stand today. A western side variant would even touch the state baths of bruckenau. Vogel conjectures that "the bicycle museum in the proposal corridor lies.

The same arguments as sudlink

In principle, the mayor cannot imagine how the power line in the bad bruckenau area could be routed along the rhon autobahn. Core zones for nature conservation, the military training area and, last but not least, the development of the hamlet of romershag reaching as far as the sinntal bridge – the reasons for obstruction were the same as for the sudlink planning. Representatives of the federal network agency had already determined years ago during an inspection that it would not be possible to build an overhead line at this location. The arguments of that time just have to be taken out of the drawer and submitted again.

Shortly after the possible route corridors were published, the citizens’ initiative "der gegenstrom elfershausen" (the countercurrent of elfershausen) had already submitted a petition took a stand on this. In a press release, its chairman markus stockmann considers it "irresponsible that tennet wants to build an overhead line through an area worthy of protection such as the unesco biosphere reserve rhon. We categorically reject this." In the middle of the rhon’s core, maintenance and development zones, areas that protect the landscape have been planned arbitrarily for the sake of profit. "For the construction of the power pylons and overhead line corridors, insane areas of rhon forest had to be cleared. Hard to imagine, with the current timber market."

Stockmann also considers the bundling of the fulda-main line with the B 287, which runs through the middle of the frank saale valley, to be unacceptable. There, at the edge of the rhon, additional development opportunities have been taken away from the rural area. The saale valley, which relies heavily on wine tourism and has seen an increase in the number of visitors in recent years, is being massively damaged.

Stockmann relies on innovative power-to-gas technology. It is also necessary to apply the nova principle. That means optimizing existing power lines before building new ones.

Somewhat less drastic than the mayor of elfershausen, thomas bold, the district administrator of bad kissingen, says: "the corridor network design affected the district of bad kissingen in a very concrete way. "We are therefore once again calling for transparent and comprehensible proof for our citizens that the P43 is necessary at all and that the goal pursued with it cannot also be achieved by other technical network measures. Why, for example, can’t existing lines be replaced?? Since the electricity is mainly needed in the rhine-main area, the reinforcement of dipperz directly into the rhine-main area (p43mod) is preferable." Jochen vogel argues similarly.

Hammelburg’s mayor, armin warmuth, had "not yet had a chance to look at the plans" until wednesday evening. Regardless of whether hammelburg is affected by P43 or not, he points out that the region must act together and question the necessity of the power line.

As things stand, the market town of burkardroth will not be affected by the fulda-main pipeline. Like the entire eastern district of bad kissingen. This could have been different. Because a smaller alternating current overhead line runs near waldfenster. The tennet planners were able to use this as a guide for bundling. What they did not do.

Mayor daniel wehner admits "that one or two people in the market will be glad it didn’t hit them". At the same time, he also feels sorry for the people who live in the proposed corridors. The goal of him and his fellow mayors is to jointly prevent P43 in the district. That’s why wehner also took part in the discussion at the 8. December registered.

How to proceed? On 8. On december, those involved in the planning process so far – i.E. Mayors, representatives of the authorities, but also the citizens’ initiatives – will be informed in a kind of digital dialogue. In these "corridor meetings you may also ask questions and raise concerns. According to tennet spokesman lieberknecht, these will be taken into account in the planning process. There will also be open consultation hours on 16. December for the other affected give. In march 2021, tennet wants to submit an application so that the next step can be the start of the regional planning procedure.

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