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During the work on the sidewalks in veit-stob-strabe and riemenschneiderstrabe, which will begin on wednesday, the temporary loss of parking spaces is to be limited to the absolute minimum necessary. This is the result of a conversation between the chairman of the "kaufhaus murscht" trade association and mayor helmut blank. The construction company has already been informed.

Originally it was planned to start from 18. September until 18. October the sidewalks on both sides of the main road should first be paved and then covered with a new bituminous surface. Associated with this would have been an absolute stopping ban from monday to friday from 7 to 18 o’clock on the entire long.

"If no one can park with us for five weeks, then we will have a dramatic loss of revenue", says arno reuscher.

And not only that. This is also the time of the autumn market and beer festival. "Also the so important GTI meeting takes place there", adds the mayor. Of course, this should all go smoothly, but on the other hand, there is the 1250th anniversary next year, and the city wants to dress up.

The compromise: the sidewalks will first be paved in sections and then immediately covered again with a surface course. Before and after the work in a section can be parked normally. Arno reuscher also points out that all other parking spaces, such as those at the market square and at the anger or at the upper gate, are available all the time.

"I am glad that the company ullrich has gone this way with the city", says helmut blank, who has already coordinated the change with the company. And arno reuscher, is pleased that a consensus was reached so quickly.

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