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Piotr becza?a: art can achieve a lot in times of crisis

On the opera stage, startor piotr becza?A lived through all the highs and lows of a hero – just like his film idol james bond on the screen. He would have liked to play the bond once himself.

But at 53, he’s probably too old for that, says the star and adds, not without a touch of mischief: "I’m only good for the role of the bogeyman. Shortly before easter he had lunch in the bahamas with ex-bond actor sir sean connery. But then came the coronavirus, becza?A had to leave his last place of work new york and ended up in his sudpolish country house in quarantane: "the police checked every day if we were at home."

Becza?A is one of the roughest in his field and is also a person who thinks about the world beyond the stage edge. He now uses the forced break from the opera due to the virus to recharge his batteries. "I do everything now that i normally don’t have time for," says the artist. While his wife was out in the garden, he was able to read a good book again more than before. Currently, it is the novella volume ("play on many drums") by olga tokarczuk, the 2018 polish nobel laureate for literature.

"Art can achieve a great deal in a time of crisis like this," says becza?A. People felt locked in for the moment, no longer able to see their friends, acquaintances or relatives directly. That’s why art could keep the people happy in a way and bring them some variety.

Such a time need not make you speechless, says the artist: "I talk a lot with my wife about everything possible. Now you have time to think about many things." Becza?A therefore also sees the corona crisis as a time of inner reflection. Those who otherwise only chase success or money are now forced to deal with other things. "I believe that humanity can emerge from the crisis in a better state of mind"."

Becza?As worries are also directed at the music business. Many countries had hardly any problems in the past few years: "there was a good economic cycle ? Also for artists. Now we are down to earth. Now some will fall by the wayside, their careers destroyed. Many artists are also fighting for their existence."In countries like germany, the state provides assistance through aid programs. But these were only of limited help in keeping afloat: "but this is no substitute for the normality to which we are accustomed."

Becza?A is less concerned about the gross opera houses he sings at. But when he thinks about the many small festivals and ensembles, he gets anxious. "Some will have to start from scratch. For them, a new era begins after corona. Sure, some things will develop again, but it will be different than before."He draws confidence from the audience, all the thousands who, after a short forced break, already sorely missed the visit to the opera house or the theater. But if the corona crisis turns into a global financial crisis, it could also be difficult for established banks.

On 15. May appears becza?As new album entitled "vincerĂ²!" With arias from the phase of verismo.

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