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project in the area of bad rodach braugasse still causes headaches for city council members

At its meeting in march 2017, the building and environment committee of the bad rodach city council had already discussed the damar project. The latter intends to completely demolish a former warehouse in the area of braugasse, in order to then be able to carry out reconstruction and renovation inspections on the residential and commercial building in heldburger strabe. At that time the building committee agreed that they would insist on detailed plans. At their meeting last october, the committee members considered a personal presentation by the builder and the architect to be necessary. So the project ended up on the committee’s agenda once again.

No parking spaces planned

Although the administration was able to present the plans to the city council, the two protagonists were not present at the meeting, so that the committee’s questions could not be answered. The city council is particularly concerned that a four-story building is to be erected in the braugasse, which will house ten apartments, without any parking spaces being provided for them.

Second mayor ernst-wilhelm geiling () pointed out that this was a change of use. "Without parking spaces, the plan is unrealistic and cannot be approved", he emphasized and added: "we must make it clear that this is not the way to do it."

Stephan schink (CSU) apparently had doubts about the seriousness of the planning implementation, because he asked: "how credible are the plans??" The administration stated that demolition work is scheduled to take place in january 2019, but new construction is not planned until 2021.

Mayor tobias ehrlicher (SPD) said he was being accused of having something against the developer. "We are not against it, clarified the city mayor.

The committee agreed to invite the builder and the architect to the next city council meeting so that they could explain their plans to the committee.

New kindergarten building in elsa

A new kindergarten can be built in elsa. The building committee unanimously gave the green light for the new building, which is to be erected on the same site as the previous building. According to the plan, a daycare center is planned that can accommodate 50 children in two groups.

Tobias ehrlicher loved to know that there was a possibility to expand the day care center if necessary. Thus a main demand of the government of upper franconia was implemented.

The committee had to deal with an unusual request, as pohl immobilien gmbh asked to install a traffic-calming measure in the form of a speed bump in heldburger strabe in the area of the town cafe at its own expense. It was agreed to install a ground wave for a limited period of two years. The senate did not comply with the request to lift the ban on stops in this area.

In the steinerer weg, between coburger strabe and wallgasse, there will be a stopping ban in the future. The senate followed the request of the fire department of bad rodach, which had seen a potential danger for emergency vehicles by parked cars.

A traffic inspection with the coburg police inspection revealed that traffic mirrors at the junctions of gartenstrabe/hildburghauser strabe and gartenstrabe/romhilder strabe were not contributing to traffic safety. The senate voted to dispense with the installation of the mirrors. Furthermore, the senate decided that the ban on stopping in the area of heldburger strabe/gerbergasse within the framework of the krammarkt should be maintained.

Playground for 310000 euro

Mayor ehrlicher used the meeting to inform about the planning of the new playground in bad rodach. According to him, a highlight will be a ground trampoline, which is not available on every playground. He estimated the cost of the entire project at 310,000 euros. This includes around 80,000 euros in fees for the planners. Corresponding demands were made. Ehrlicher expects that the contracts will be awarded in january 2019 and that the work will be completed in the middle of next year.

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