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service to god is a family matter

"For our family, it's just part of it", says wolfgang krug. The carpenter from kraisdorf has been the official sacristan in the kraisdorf district of pfarrweisach for 15 years. But he has actually been involved since he was a child. For his father alois held the office for about 45 years, until he had to step down shortly after a heart attack. Before that grandfather johann krug was the sacristan and earlier georg krug.

Fourth generation
So the current church servant is already active in the fourth generation. The office of the sacristan is a family affair that wolfgang krug's son, 32-year-old johannes, also wants to continue. "And the grandchildren are already involved", betrayal of the craftsmen from kraisdorf who do not make a fuss about this family tradition.
"As a catholic, you feel obligated to do volunteer work, it's like an inner drive, he says, and "that was always our church." He feels the small house of worship, whose 100. The consecration day was celebrated last year "almost like a second home".

"The krugs have always felt responsible for the church", he says. This is probably also due to the fact that georg, the great-grandfather, was once involved in the construction of the church as a craftsman. Furniture in the sacristy bears his handwriting.

100-year family tradition
At the turn of the year, kraisdorf had a number of reasons to celebrate: a century of family tradition and, of course, the completion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the catholic church. Jubilee year for the church dedicated to the "most holy sacrament of the altar" (dedication day on fronleichnam) is consecrated.

At a solemn service in the branch of the parish church in pfarrweisach, another "dynasty in the service of god" was celebrated honored. The service of the organ, which was installed more than 60 years ago, is also a family matter. This task is currently the responsibility of reinhold schaad. He, in turn, had followed in the footsteps of his father karl, who for many years provided the musical framework for church services in kraisdorf.

Church administration members elmar schneidawind and regine albrecht presented prize baskets to krug and schaad. Priest richard brutting praised the selfless commitment of the two manner and their predecessors. With their service to god and the community, they became church bearers. The church building and its preservation are one thing, said elmar schneidawind. But a house of god would be a dead object if the church was not filled with life by active christians.

The choir "maria magdalena" under the direction of jutta helbig from ebern and the church music pfarrweisach (directed by stefan lurz) enriched the celebration with their music.

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