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Snaking on the a7: truck driver too drunk for alcohol test

The truck driver was traveling on the federal highway 7 in the direction of ulm on saturday evening. Because the man was so drunk, he used both lanes of the road in his van until he was pulled over by a traffic police patrol in the fuchsloch parking lot in the district of kitzingen was. This is what the police of lower franconia reported on sunday.

Too drunk for the alcohol test

The 47-year-old first fell at around 19.45 o'clock a traffic participant, because he drove extreme serpentines on the road. When he was then checked in the parking lot, he showed considerable physical signs of failure. So he almost fell out of his vehicle, couldn't follow the officers' instructions and in the end couldn't even manage an alcohol test.

A9: drunk truck driver attacks police officers after accident as a result, the man had to have his blood drawn. He is now facing criminal proceedings for drunk driving. The driver also lost his license for the time being.

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