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On friday, the association committee of the stadt-umland-bahn (stub) voted in favor of the route recommended by the planners as the preferred route for the regional planning procedure. In doing so, he follows the political resolutions of the city councils or. Traffic committees in the three cities of nurnberg, erlangen and herzogenaurach. The documents will now be submitted to the government of central franconia for review, according to the association.

"After two years of planning, we have reached an important milestone. More than 100 variants for the route of the stadt-umland-bahn were studied and evaluated in detail by the engineering firms commissioned to do the work. In the end, the most promising route from a planning point of view has been determined, and we will start the regional planning procedure with it as the preferred route. We are taking a major step towards a sustainable transport solution for the region", german hacker (SPD), chairman of the stadt-umland-bahn association and mayor of herzogenaurach, is pleased. He sits on the association’s committee together with nurnberg’s mayor ulrich maly and erlangen’s mayor florian janik (both SPD).

Ideas from the online dialogue

Since the beginning, the multi-stage formalized selection process has been accompanied by an extensive civic dialog in the three cities. In addition to the regular dialog forums, in which the proposals as well as the results of the evaluation were presented and discussed with the interested participants, the individual sections of the route were also inspected. In addition, the association set up an online participation platform where everyone could submit their ideas.

"The active participation of the citizens is an important component of the planning for the stadt-umland-bahn. If we want to achieve the traffic turnaround for more clean air in our cities, we need the urban-umland railroad with the best possible routing. With the support of the population, our original planning from 2012 could be optimized. For example, the proposal for the crossing of the regnitz river at the height of the wohrmuhlinsel was received as part of the online dialog and was reviewed transparently. We know that the construction of a bridge means an intervention in nature. But we have also found a variant that offers the greatest benefit from all points of view for attractive local transport in erlangen and the region", janik explains.

After completion of the documents, the association will submit them to the government of central franconia for the regional planning procedure. In addition to the preferred route, the other results of the formalized selection process will also be presented in the documents. "The government will once again critically scrutinize the planners’ work and weigh up the various interests from a technical point of view. All the public planning agencies affected by the spatial mabnahme will be involved. In addition, the documents are publicly interpreted", maly continues.

The procedure is concluded with a regional planning assessment, which means an endorsement with or without conditions, or an approval with or without conditions. A rejection of the plan. The result is expected after six months. The detailed design of the line will then begin. Among other things, this concerns the stops and the exact planning of the bridge constructions. The next major milestone is the planning approval process, which is equivalent to a building application. According to current planning, this is to start in 2022.

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