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"We are on schedule. We are even a little bit ahead." Siegfried beck is satisfied when he looks at the vehicles that drive back and forth like ants on the brauen trasse. Tractors and heavy trucks bring material and transport excavated earth away. Incessantly the engines hum on the section between hainbergstrabe and vogtendorfer weg, where massive earthmoving is underway. They are necessary for the construction of the stadtsteinach bypass.

This is where part of the new road will run, which is supposed to keep the bulk of the traffic (between 6,500 and 7,000 vehicles a day) out of the town, explains beck, who is the construction director at the bayreuth state construction office. "Especially the rough trucks are left under the hood." The construction of the stadtsteinach bypass forms the second part of our mini-series on three rough road projects in the district.

In the meantime, it is already relatively easy to see how the new B 303 will run, how the bridges will be connected, which last year still stood forlorn and lonely in the area. "In total there are six "brucken, explains beck. Three of them had already been built before the actual construction of the line because, unlike the other three structures, they did not have to be built into the cut of the future federal highway.

It is not only the earth movements that are impressive, but also the figures: the local bypass of the B 303 cost almost 22 million euros, the construction of which was awarded in a single contract: to the company radlinger straben- und tiefbau gmbh from selbitz. The official groundbreaking ceremony was held on 3. May 2019.

The pure roadway construction with the three additional bridges as well as the retaining wall and the larm protection wall began at the beginning of july 2020. According to beck, the goal is to complete the tramway and two of the three connecting points (sud and mitte) by the end of 2021 to the extent that traffic will be able to travel on them. This also applies to the trucks from the quarry, which will then no longer have to torture themselves through the narrow streets of the town, but will be able to use the central connection. The new rescue station that is being built nearby also takes advantage of this circumstance, adds project manager jan oertel. "Then they can print the bypass right away."

The north junction will be tackled later because the old federal highway has to be completely closed for the work there. "And that can only be done when the traffic can get onto the new bypass." But everything should be ready by summer 2022.

Beck is currently confident that everything will work out this way. "There are no problems and unforeseen things. Everything runs smoothly, both with the company and with the neighbors."

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