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teacher from weilersbach wants to sing club to first win of the season

"I am a clubber is the title of the song that rainer martin played on his keyboard and sang with his voice. The lyrics are his own, the melody is by austrian songwriter rainhard fendrich (I'm from austria).

57-year-old martin from weilersbach in the district of forchheim has been a club fan for more than a quarter of a century, has experienced many promotions and relegations, seen coaches, players, and officials come and go. That's why the current crisis, in which his 1. FC nurnberg is still far from panicking. "When you're 57, you take things more calmly," says, says martin, who teaches math, physics and computer science at the ehrenburg gymnasium. "Sad" I hope that the knot will soon be broken".

The club's managers are probably not quite as relaxed as martin about friday evening's bundesliga match against FSV mainz 05 (20.30 o'clock). Should the nurnberger on this 15. If gertjan verbeek's team fails to win again on the 15th matchday, it will set an all-time negative record. Never before has a team in the history of the bundesliga not won one of the first 15 games.

Club lyric
But hope dies last: "i'll watch the next game, maybe we'll get three points", sings martin, who never misses a club game. Together with teachers from the grammar schools in the area, he laces up his own football boots once a week and they also watch the bundesliga matches together. After that, one of the group regularly writes a few lines about the course of the game. It can be just a four-liner, but it can also be something longer. For several years now, the teachers have been producing their club lyrics. "We are even toying with the idea of publishing it", betrayed martin, who also performs as a solo entertainer on the side.

But it's not every day that he even writes a song in french for his FCN. "It needs a special situation" – as in march 2011, when the club rushed from victory to victory, while the bavarian team was in crisis. This unusual situation inspired martin to write his first club song "zwickt's mi. Now song number two.

The opponents are no longer afraid
"Something simply has to happen now", says the grammar school teacher, who currently sees several construction sites at the FCN: the change of coach has fizzled out, the forward line is too harmless, the midfield lacks ideas, there's no good ball winner on the six and the game as a whole is too predictable. "The opponents no longer have to fear the club", regrets the 57-year-old, who has received "a lot of positive feedback" from his students on his songs gets.

Maybe his club song is a good omen: after all, the nurnbergers managed to jump to sixth place after his first song was published on youtube. It will probably not go quite so far up this season, but the first three against mainz was already a start. But even in the worst-case scenario – relegation "we stand by the club and stick together". Suffering is something you've finally gotten used to in 25 years.

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