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Preparations for the 2018 county beer have reached the decisive phase. After district administrator johann kalb (CSU) and the brewmasters of the breweries aichinger, heiligenstadt i.Ofr., hubner, steinfeld and ott, oberleinleiter had already met at the beginning of june to discuss the recipe for the new county beer, the brewing date was now on the agenda. District administrator kalb and brewers marco eisentraut, roland aichinger and stefan ott put the last ingredients in the kettle at the ott brewery in oberleinleiter. Brewmaster stefan ott describes the beer as light amber in color, with a gravity of 12.5 percent and an alcohol content of 5.2 percent.
"With the county beer ’36 kreisla’, we want to strengthen our medium-sized breweries and at the same time present the diversity of local beer varieties. After the marzen, the jubelbock, the frankisch-hell, the vollbier, the sud 2018 will now be a kellerbier hefetrub", according to district administrator kalb in the press release from the district office.
This will be the fifth time that a joint brew of different district breweries has been created. The beer can now mature in peace and will traditionally be released on the 30. September 2018 tapped at the farmer’s museum in frensdorf. The brewmasters will, as always, carefully observe the maturing process until then.
To make sure that the time until then is not too long, brewmaster roland aichinger suggests with a wink: "we will meet on 29. August 2018 for a ‘tweak’ to see how it tastes."
District administrator kalb is pleased that his intention "landkreisbier" has been realized continue to find such a coarse resonance. Last year’s breweries have just filled another brew and for the next year other breweries have already expressed their interest.
In 2015, it was the intention of district administrator kalb to support the local medium-sized breweries and thus to emphasize the importance of beer as an economic and cultural asset. The breweries’ great willingness to participate and the positive response from the population show that the district of bamberg will continue to maintain its position as the district with the highest density of breweries in the world, according to the district administration office.

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