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19 participants took part in the staffelsteiner vorderladerschutzen’s easter beer hunt at the old quarry near uetzing in glorious spring weather. On the 50-meter stand, the shooters were confronted with a not quite everyday task under the direction of the shooters’ sports directors ludwig dreilich and patrick haas.
Ten shots were allowed to be fired at a target with a rabbit printed on it. In order not to make it so easy for the shooters, this included different zones, whereby the ears were rated with the roughest score. In the next sliding round, good eyesight was required, as the aim was to hit an easter egg with a maximum of three shots.
The winner of the easter shootout was the one who scored the most points on the rabbit and hit the egg at the end of the game. The most accurate shooter was bennedikt rommel, who, like gunther lienert, scored the most points and finally hit the egg, but had more hits on the ears. Third place went to konrad kurzendorfer.
At the award ceremony in the evening, guardian martin thomas congratulated each participant, thanked for participation and the helpers of the fun event. After the award ceremony, where no participant had to go home without a prize, a delicious meal and a cozy get-together followed. Bennedikt rommel

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