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The red giant in kulmbach is female

Getting in is not so easy. "I am not blod", just ask security. "There in the back, that’s where it’s going in", says the friendly man and points the way to the personnel entrance. Work is being carried out at high pressure on the rough construction site in mittelau, which can be identified as the new media-markt by the red posters on the facade. The main entrance is – of course – still closed, but the small door at the side is open.

Inside, 70 employees and craftsmen are scurrying around. They still have two weeks to screw on the last ceiling elements, put up the shelves and put the furniture away: because on 25. October the red giant in kulmbach opens its 250. Specialty store.

But you can’t just walk in. A friendly security man waits at the personnel entrance, who keeps a record of every visitor. Above all, he has to make sure that nothing gets lost. Some of the 30,000 different items – from cell phones to washing machines – have already been delivered. "We have had a flow of goods since monday", explains sales manager elke farniok.

She and her colleague, commercial manager petra kohler, have all the threads running together. All hoarding at your command – the red giant in kulmbach is female.

The two managers talk about an "exciting time". You know that there is still a lot to do before the opening day. But they are quite sure that on that thursday early in the morning it can go off. "We open at 6 a.M. So that customers can come and see us before work", says elke farniok. She and her colleague are convinced that media-markt has found a top location in kulmbach: "close to the bundesstrabe, the grocery stores and the city center not far away – that’s ideal for us." The sales area was "appropriate. On 1750 square meters, "everything relevant, all innovations and novelties" were presented offered. 25 employees ("some from baur and from promarkt"), including four apprentices, will take care of the customers.

Coming out again after the short visit is easy. The security has no objections. The 120 parking spaces are already finished. Access and exit is from kronacher strabe and from the e.-C.-baumann-strabe possible. It could get crowded at the neighboring intersection if media-markt becomes the magnet everyone expects it to be.

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