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The vg grub am forst is debt-free

A pleasant news came on thursday from chamberer michael heb. "The VG is debt-free" he said at the meeting of the grub am forst administrative community, which was held at the niederfullbach burgerhaus. The board took note of the financial report and the report on the audit of the accounts for the 2015 and 2016 financial years. The book balance is therefore 10.840 euro.

In addition to the budget, the members of the VG also discussed the use of the playground of the elementary school in grub am forst as a parking lot. The members decided that in the future, in consultation with the school administration and the janitor, cars may be parked there on days when there is no school, in the context of events. "If there are no lessons and therefore no danger for the children, there is nothing to be said against it",said, for example, marita pollex-claus (CSU). For example, visitors and participants of the air show, the hiking friends or the sangers should be allowed to park their cars in the schoolyard during the event. It was important to the councilors that this be discussed with the school administration. It should be ensured that no school events take place. This means that the school playground is off-limits to cars during the school christmas party.

Capute engine

The VG has decided to purchase two new vehicles financed by advertising. Priority should be given to the promotion of a youth bus, if possible as a petrol bus. In addition, a smaller electric car is to be purchased. As the VG chairman and mayor of the municipality of grub am forst, jurgen wittmann (gfg), informed us, the previous youth bus has given up the ghost. "The youth welfare officer is currently without a vehicle", he pointed out the urgency. The bus is only seven years old and has only 70 seats.000 kilometers on the speedometer, nevertheless the engine is broken according to information of the workshop.

The newsletter contract expires at the end of the year. According to michael heb, the cost of the paper increased from 3.30 euros to 3.40 euros for ten pages, with the same amount of copies. With nine pages, the current price could be maintained. As the chamberer further explained, costs of about 33 million euros are available.000 euros in revenue amounting to around 27.000 euro against. Volker gahn presented the city of rodental’s newsletter for inspection. "It appears every 14 days, which was enough for us", said gahn. In addition, the rodentaler blatt is very well designed, and municipal council decisions can be read in it. Now offers are to be solicited. The rodentaler newsletter is the model here.

At the suggestion of stefan rose, the two mayors of the VG, martin rauscher (uwn), niederfullbach, and jurgen wittmann, contacted the school bus company. The bus route of the school request should be reconsidered and possibly optimized. Rose also wanted to know whether in the cooperation in the VG similar to an intermunicipal cooperation demand funds could be retrieved. This was denied by kammerer michael heb. "Where it is possible, we have eliminated the demand. There is no extra requirement for a community of administrators."

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