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They inform about 'real' islam

"Islam belongs to germany? The duties of a muslim or reform are the headlines of the numerous information brochures displayed under a rough pavilion with the inscription "ahmadiyya are laid out. The stand arouses curiosity, but at lunchtime only a few burghers are on their way to the market square in grafenberg to talk to sajid ahmed qureshi, a member of the ahmadiyya community.

"Islam has nothing to do with violence, and we want to present what islam really is", says qureshi and picks up one of the brochures in which the ahhmadiyya community presents what it considers to be the correct form of islam. The information booths were not only in grafenberg, but also in ebermannstadt and forchheim. Qureshi patiently answers questions from interested people. "In islam there are conflicts. We want to spread the teachings as our prophet mohammed intended. We do not want to hurt other people and we are members of an integrated group", qureshi explains.

Do not put people in danger

But what about the suicide bombers?? "We suffer when people do bad things here. Suicide bombing is brainwashing", says the member of the ahmadiyya community. Your members refuse to put themselves or other people in danger.

Since they reject islam, as it is presented and lived in pakistan or bangladesh, for example, because in their opinion it has nothing to do with the "true" religion, the member of the aslamic group islam, the members of the ahmadiyya community have been persecuted like the christians and have fled – to germany.

Sajid ahmed qureshi’s wife is german and was christian. In the meantime she has converted to islam. About the islam that the ahmadiyyas preach and explain. They could be called reformers. They hope for a separation between state and religion. "If it was separate, if there was freedom of religion, we would not be here", says qureshi.

For his community, oppression is not an expression of religion, but social weakness. Qureshi rejects accusations that women were oppressed in islam. "They are equal. They can study and make wishes, even if they want to get married, claims qureshi.

He cites other reasons for women not wearing veils or men not shaking hands with women. Out of courtesy, the man would shake hands with a woman, but then explain that it was not customary. "This is the first contact", says the muslim. But from the first contact, a relationship could eventually develop. A woman’s hand was not shaken as protection against this happening. The hindus would hold the same view.

With the veil it is not much different. "A veil means that a woman wants to be left alone, says the member of the ahmadiyya community. A must? "No. Every woman must decide for herself, says qureshi and adds that the thing with the veil can also be found in the old testament.

In his opinion, there are many parallels to christianity. The prophet mohammed did not allow to kill women or children. What about the violence, about the jihad?" "The lie has nothing to do with islam", qureshi affirms. It also refers to work and family. "The dear god sees everything and he gives us time to be different. God is merciful and he talks to man, but man must be aware of what he is doing", qureshi cites the youngest court after death as an example of when excuses for wrongdoing are no longer valid. "Jihad is not war, the member of the ahmadiyya community declares. First and foremost, jihad means improving oneself, always looking at what one can do better.

Since 1921 in germany

But the pit as a sign of courtesy and friendliness should be. It is not because of these parallels to christianity that islam belongs to germany. "We have been living here since 1921. We work here, we pay taxes here, we have found an apartment and a home here. Some have already become rude fathers here in germany. It is not a country of guest workers like saudi arabia, where I work two years and then go somewhere else", qureshi explains why islam clearly belongs to germany for him. "We also go to church when we are invited", emphasizes qureshi. His congregation seeks interfaith dialogue.

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