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Three candidates wanted to run for the csu in berlin

It's a neck-and-neck race. For the federal electoral district 240 there are three candidates from the CSU. Who will be a direct candidate in this district?? This will be decided on thursday evening at the delegates' meeting in the lichtenfels city palace. Since the electoral district covers three counties, there are candidates from bamberg, lichtenfels and kulmbach. When he first ran for office in 2002, karl-theodor zu guttenberg had a female opponent in the form of regina taubert. The next two times he stood before the delegates as the only candidate.

Now liked from bamberg alexander hummel, 35, candidate become. Emmi zeulner, 25, who would also like to join the bundestag, comes from lichtenfels. Jorg kunstmann, 39, from kulmbach also wanted to go to berlin in september.Kunstmann is federal constituency manager. He sits on the city council in kulmbach, in the district council, and is deputy district administrator. He spent the guttenberg years at his side as office manager in the constituency. "I will campaign in any case – I just don't know where yet", he says a few days before the delegates' meeting. Either he becomes a candidate, or he manages his election campaign.

Nominated last only at the beginning of january, alexander hummel from pettstadt wanted above all to show that things are democratic within the CSU and that there are several suitable candidates. He has five years of professional experience as a graduate computer scientist at the virtual university in bamberg. He is the CSU's faction chairman in the pettstadt town council. He does not find it decisive that his home is just outside the electoral district. "No matter who it becomes, we will fight for him or her with the same commitment and stick posters", says hummel.

Beginning as korbstadtkoniging
Emmi zeulner started her political career as a representative of the city of lichtenfels. She was a 19-year-old queen of the korbstadt and was elected to both the city council and the district council for the young burghers in 2008. The registered nurse is currently studying european economic studies in bamberg. Zeulner is also committed to fairness. "We want to work together again afterwards", she says.

160 delegates from three district associations must decide on thursday evening who will be their candidate. Voting booths are set up, voting is done by secret ballot. The three district associations are almost equal in terms of the number of delegates. Bamberg has 55 delegates, kulmbach 53 and lichtenfels 52. The number of delegates depends on the second-place vote in the previous federal election and the number of members in the respective CSU district association.

Edith guthlein from the CSU office in lichtenfels organizes the meeting. For example, it ensures that the ballot papers and booths are at the city palace on time. Each district chairman must take care of the delegates from his district himself. He must send out the invitations and organize substitute delegates if someone is unable to attend. For lichtenfels it is district administrator christian meibner, for bamberg member of parliament thomas silberhorn and for kulmbach mayor henry schramm. In the city palace, the delegates have to show their ID and sign a list of candidates. "Everything must be in conformity with the law", says guthlein.

Runoff is likely
It has never been as exciting as it is for this election in their memory. With three candidates, there will most likely be a runoff election. In the first round of voting, one of the three candidates had to get an absolute majority, i.E. 81 votes. However, that is considered unlikely. If not, the two with the most votes will face off in a second round of voting.

Each of the three wants to draw the delegates to his side. So that the 160 voters can get a picture, zeulner, hummel and kunstmann will introduce themselves. "Delegates don't want long speeches, they like short ones – I like to talk a little too long. I have to pay attention there", says kunstmann. "I have won many times and lost many times. Candidate will be whoever is in the best mood that night", says hummel. "Regardless of who it ends up being, I liked all those who supported me to see me be authentic and say, yes, that's our emmi", says zeulner.

Not only will the election results be tight, it will also be tight in the lichtenfels city palace. 180 chairs are lined up at five rows of tables that stretch slowly through the festival hall from the entrance to the stage. There will be from 19.30 o'clock the three district chairmen speak to their delegates, and then the three candidates campaign for themselves. The order is drawn.

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