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tourism commissioner: travel must not become a danger

The federal government’s tourism commissioner, thomas bareib, has appealed to holidaymakers returning from risk areas to actually get tested for the coronavirus. "This is for the farmer’s own protection, but also for general safety," the economic secretary said.

"Travelers from high-risk areas by train and car should also be tested. Travel must not become a danger," says bareib. Every individual bears a special responsibility for his fellow human beings.

"In the future, safe and healthy travel will have a whole new status," said bareib. "A mandatory quick test at the airport, for example, can go a long way to achieving this." The new aviation president peter gerber sees mandatory testing as the first basis for reviving global air traffic. "We need to make travel more feasible again, with a set of tools that allows us to respond responsibly and flexibly to developments in the infectious disease situation," gerber told news agencies dpa and dpa-AFX.

Airport and health officials push for additional corona testing for returning holidaymakers. Federal health minister jens spahn (CDU) had announced that he would make testing compulsory for people entering the country from risk areas, which is expected to come into force next week – over and above previously agreed voluntary testing options.

According to a list from the robert koch institute (RKI), countries such as egypt, the USA, russia and turkey are currently paying for this. Popular vacation destinations like italy or austria are not currently on the list. The central criterion is which states or regions have had more than 50 newly infected people per 100 in the past seven days.000 residents there.

Aviation president gerber stressed: "even if the situation in a travel destination suddenly changes from ‘safe’ to ‘unsafe’, a test on return can ensure that people can continue to live their lives as normal and do not have to go into quarantine."

Short-term changes, such as those imposed by the british government with the introduction of a 14-day quarantine obligation for spain holidaymakers at the weekend, should not have to fear german holidaymakers, according to gerber. "I make a point of saying that this decision was not made in the eu," said the manager, who has been in office since 1. June is president of the federal association of the german air transport industry (BDL) and in his main job head of the cargo airline lufthansa cargo. "I think there’s a certain amount of rationality and reliability in the eu, for all the disagreements that there are."

The BDL president sees one of the main challenges in bringing together the national health regulations of the individual countries with the rules of international air traffic. "The recovery of our business depends on being able to travel from a to b without any hindrances, especially in the intercontinental sector," said gerber. "There must be no patchwork of different regulations here."

Gerber advocates rules and tools like the new corona tests at airports to make travel safe and reliable for customers in times of pandemic. "It is good that this testing capacity is being built up so that quarantine can be avoided in case of negative tests. And the better these tests become and the better the results, the easier it will be for everyone involved."

At berlin airport, travelers returning from risk areas will be able to be tested for the coronavirus from wednesday onwards. The first corona test station was to open at tegel airport, the senate chancellery announced. Schonefeld to follow this thursday. Tests in terminal buildings at tegel and schonefeld airports to be free for travelers.

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