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Transporting the Christmas tree correctly

With the upcoming festive season, the purchase of a christmas tree is again on the agenda. Again and again, police officers notice that the fir trees are driven home in an adventurous way in the car. The tree sticks out of the sunroof or looks out of the side of the passenger window. Thus the hobby transporters endanger themselves and others, it is said in the message from the district office.

To avoid fines and warnings, the police inspection bamberg-land advises not to drive around with unsecured loads. Because: if an accident happens, the insurance company can demand reimbursement because of negligent behavior.

Do not obstruct the view

The district office points out that the tree in the car may not block the view. The view into the mirrors must be free. If the tree is transported on the roof, it must be lashed down tightly. License plates, headlights, turn signals and rear lights must not be obscured by the tree poles. If it protrudes more than one meter over the rear of the wagon, a red warning flag or a sign swinging across the direction of travel must be placed at the end of the trunk. In the dark, a combination of a red light and a red jerk light is required instead. The safety devices were not allowed to be placed higher than 1.5 meters above the roadway.

Open trunk lids must be tied down so that they cannot open during the journey. Care should also be taken to ensure that no exhaust fumes can get into the car. Of course, the christmas tree must not protrude from the front or side of the vehicle, thus endangering other road users.

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