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Trump's eldest son questioned about Russia affair

The eldest son of u.S. President donald trump was questioned by a senate committee on thursday about the russia affair.

In a prepared statement for the meeting, obtained by the "new york times," donald trump jr. Exporting a controversial meeting with a russian lawyer. He agreed to this because he was interested in what information the lawyer had about hillary clinton, his father’s competitor.

U.S. Intelligence agencies have long accused moscow of interfering in the election campaign with hacking attacks to help trump and harm his rival clinton. Special investigator examines whether there was collusion with trump’s campaign camp. Several congressional committees, including the judiciary committee, are also working on the events.

Trump jr. Had agreed to talk in june 2016 after being promised incriminating material on clinton. In an e-mail to him, there was talk of an attempt by the russian government to help the elderly trump. This is considered the clearest indication yet that members of trump’s campaign camp may have been willing to work with russia.

In the statement, trump jr. Explained., he had wanted to hear what information the attorney had about the "fitness, character, or qualifications" of the democratic presidential candidate.

The president’s son reiterated that the meeting was ultimately inconclusive, according to the new york times. He also rejected claims that he colluded with the russian government to influence the election.

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