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"I am particularly pleased with the broad bandwidth that the colleagues have focused on during the preparation of the event", said principal birgit herre when looking at the program of the project day at the bad bruckenau middle school. Because values were today more than ever practically in all areas of life a rough role play. "That’s why it’s important to keep pointing out this spectrum to young people and to continually offer them a variety of experiences, explained your deputy marco genzler.

External workshopleaders

In order to give the project day, which was held in this form for the first time, as broad a basis as possible, not only the local teachers were active at the individual stations. Birgit herre had been able to recruit a number of external workshop leaders from the network for migration work in the district of bad kissingen, in which she herself has been involved in the steering group for a long time. "It’s always good for young people to see different faces and hear new opinions from their teachers. This enriches the process and makes things even more exciting", according to the rector.

The individual workshops, each with between ten and twelve participants, took place across the classes. In this constellation, the padagogues saw several advantages at once. "The girls and boys of the entire middle school and different age groups get to know each other better. And the small groups that had formed in the course of the school year during the lessons in the individual class groups were not sitting together again."

Migrants tell of their long journey to germany

In order to avoid boredom and to keep the interest high, there was a change every two hours. The participants had the opportunity to visit three different workshops during the project day. The broad palette ranged from quiet and thoughtful listening, for example when migrants told of their long journey to germany, to interaction games that called for both communication and skill.

Courtesy, compliments or self-esteem

Catchphrases such as courtesy, compliments or self-esteem were filled with life. Moral conflicts had to be resolved, and racist statements had to be countered with appropriate arguments. Even difficult topics such as mobbing or children’s rights violations were deliberately written on the agenda.

The practical side of things was not neglected at all. The young cake brigade conjured up tasty kartauserklobe from food leftovers that are too good to be thrown in the garbage can. At the so-called windowforming, another group took its first steps in growing plants in plastic bottles. Meanwhile, others created a calendar of values for the school, which brought us back to the original topic of the day.

Wheelchair course in the schoolyard

Finally, the young people could get to grips with the broad field of inclusion in a very practical way. For this purpose, a wheelchair course was set up in the schoolyard with various obstacles that disabled people have to overcome in their daily lives with their vehicles. This is what the "test drivers" experienced first-hand experience of the effects of restricted mobility. There were many astonished and serious faces.

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