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The new landesliga mode turns out to be a stroke of luck for FC coburg. The optimistic calculation of the vestekickers has actually worked out. FCC officials deliberately voted to split the league at the beginning of the season. The coburg team's goal was to finish at least fourth in the preliminary round group, which had been reduced by half the number of teams, in order to be able to participate in the promotion round in the spring of 2022 without any worries. And that is exactly how it is happening now.

Muller feels confirmed in his work

"I am very happy that we have achieved our first goal. Now we have peace for the time being and nothing to do with the descent", rejoices lars muller. The young coach of FC coburg feels confirmed in his work. In the past years, the vestekickers often had to tremble until the last match day or even beyond until the relegation to keep their place in the league. From a sporting point of view, the corona season also suited the FCC: when relegation threatened, the team only stayed in the national league thanks to its better quotient.

The rough and tumble is over for now: "thanks to this system, we have planning certainty ahead of time," recalls the coach, christian tremel, the sporting director. And it is important to his coach that he can already throw young players from the junior performance center, namely those born in 2003, into the deep end in the spring: "the boys can then show themselves in the national league. We'll see where the boys' journey takes them, but we want at least two of them in the 1st division squad. Install a team", promises muller.

"We had an unfortunate start"

In retrospect, the athletic director describes the start of the season, with its narrow defeats, as extremely unfortunate. "We were not concentrated enough in several games and gave away many points after drives in the final phase or recklessly gave away a draw."

But then! The "can opener – how muller describes the important victory against gochsheim. "That gave us a lot of self-confidence, of course, and then came two high phases with two or three victories in a row. Against lichtenfels, euerbach and friesen – we went into the game with a lot of will and courage and deserved to win the three", remembers the coach. Even the interim "hanger after a defeat against schweinfurt had not thrown his boys off track.

Praise for the young team

"Thumbs up for our young team. It's great how they pulled themselves out of it and took the points in the last few games with two tight boxes.", praises the coach. Of course, the team had been trembling again and there had been some doubts at short notice, but sener, baur, heinze& co. Had drawn the right conclusions from the mistakes made at the beginning of the season: "in these last games, the maturing process was recognizable for me. Plotzlich had our defensive clearly gained stability and we have also brought close results over time. That makes me proud. In the past we have not been able to do this." That's why muller and tremel are also optimistic about the promotion round. The 4. Place in the final ranking is feasible. "And maybe even a little more", says muller, smiling.

The hard preparation phase begins for the vestekicker on 1. February. This will be followed by at least six weeks in which the focus will be on basic endurance at the beginning. But since the city's artificial turf pitch on wiesenstrabe also offers ideal conditions in winter, muller wants to do a lot of sessions on the pitch with his co-trainer david reich. In addition, there will be some test matches. Muller and tremel are not yet saying whether one or the other of the newcomers will already be on board.

Newcomers "there is nothing definite"

"Nothing is ready to be announced", says muller – well knowing that his responsible persons with the team captain of last year sertan sener a "big fish" on the hook. The playmaker and goal scorer of yesteryear has, as already reported, ended his engagement with bavarian league club TSV grobbardorf and is said to be ready for a return to wiesenstrabe.

It is certain that several own-grown from the A-youth complete the manner-preparation. The first game in the attractive promotion round is scheduled for 19. The whistle blows on march. A week before, a cup match is scheduled at the state level. Then the coburgers hope that their calculation will work out again.

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