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Welcome to rudufersee

The rudufersee is one of the most beautiful bathing lakes in the district of lichtenfels. Last year, almost 44,000 visitors used the swimming lake of the municipality of michelau. Starting in april, a flyer will inform english-speaking bathers about the many recreational opportunities at the family-friendly facility.

The idea for this came from the english course of the VHS michelau. Once a week the students meet to learn english. "Learning by doing heib their course. During one of her school lessons on the banks of the rowing lake, the idea came up to combine the practical with the useful. "We learn a living english", explains jennifer thiem, a state-certified foreign language correspondent. In small group work, not only a new design was created, but also a lot of information. The flyer is currently being printed. After that, it will be displayed in the city hall, the german basket museum and in the accommodation establishments.

Mayor helmut fischer expressed his thanks at the handover and pointed out that the lake is not only visited by german-speaking bathers.

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