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wolf's throat: the old road surface is already gone

About a hundred trees have fallen. The containers for people and material are in place and the detour routes are signposted: in the wolfskehle everything is ready for what is currently probably the largest construction site in the city of kulmbach.
Yesterday, the official starting signal was given for the flood clearance and canal rehabilitation on a 500-meter-long section of the project. The wolfskehle has been closed to through traffic for two weeks now. Trees and shrubs had to be removed. A specialist company located the existing sewer connections so that the house connections could later be connected to the new sewer without any problems. Yesterday, workers from gunther-bau in stadtsteinach began removing the old pavement and disposing of it properly.

Until christmas the construction should be finished. For the residents of the so called "rangen-villages" this means: detours. And for the residents of wolfskehle: improvise.

Although the city of kulmbach has firmly promised that the properties are always accessible during the construction period. "Always" but not "around the clock". For example, when trees were felled in recent days, the road was blocked. "This cannot be avoided", says jochen fischer, who lives with his family at the lower end of the construction site. He assumes that in the next few months access to his home will be impossible from time to time. He will then have to put up with a few minutes' walk from the site.

Christian knorrer is also on the road a lot at the moment. Morning and evening access to his property is not a problem, he says. "But tagsuber is always tight." A problem? Not for christian knorrer. He uses the detour via rangen – and when he is not running errands, he goes to fub in the direction of the city center. There have been no major disruptions so far, says andrea mandl, press officer for the city of kulmbach. "If, however, during this rough tree removal, there should be a 'pinch' somewhere, then we ask you to get in touch with us, so that together we can look for a quick solution."

Small solutions for one or the other problem have already been found by the residents and some of those who have passed through there regularly, with a lot of resourcefulness anyway. "If you follow closely behind the school bus, you can get through", says a resident. Not a solution that should be used too often, of course: the wolfskehle has been a bumpy gravel road in the construction area since yesterday – a tough test for stump steamers and paint.

Most residents of the rangen villages therefore prefer the detour via folschnitz and kauerndorf. They remain calm – and only one thing bothers them: that they have to wait a long time in the morning in kauerndorf before they can merge into the traffic on federal highway 289.

Facts and figures about the construction site

Long around 500 meters. Beginning at the mouth of the stone gash, ending where the slope is stabilized with rock.

Time frame the wolfskehle has been closed to through traffic for two weeks already. The construction work will last at least until december, depending on the weather conditions.

Measures renewal of the sewer, flood clearance, filling of the land.

Costs estimated at 3 to 3.5 million euros bypass residents will always be able to reach their homes. Through traffic is diverted via kauernburg, kauerndorf, folschnitz and trebgast.

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